Durham Volunteer Fire Company

Responsibilities of firefighters

They are mostly people that have jobs, other than being a firefighter, and that usually have a family also, but want to do something good for their community, so they decide to be volunteering firefighters. By doing that they take all the responsibilities of full time firefighters and need to go on several courses and educations in order to learn what to do and how to do it in certain situations.

But there is much more on the shoulders of firefighter than only fighting fire and saving people from burning buildings, they need to take care of everything they work with and live at. The firehouse must be taken care by firefighters, so they get to do all the housework, all the repairing and other stuff and never get any credits for it. The fire truck is also an essential part of what firefighters do, so it is of high importance to keep it working well and being in top form for every action. That is why those firefighters with mechanic experience or knowledge spend more time repairing and checking if everything is ok with the fire truck, then in real missions with saving people.

Important things every firefighter does

There are two more things firefighter do that are really, really important, they are EMTs and fire investigators. EMTs are emergency medical technicians, which do all the medical help people that are saved or still endangered need. And we all know what investigators do, they search for clues and signs to determine where and how the fire started and what its causes are. This is a particularly hard and important part of their job, because much experience is needed and in case they find out what caused the fire, they can warn others and prevent further possible accidents.