Durham Volunteer Fire Company

When to call the firefighters

There are the policemen, the emergency medical technicians and firefighters that can help you in any kind of situation, but you need to know which one to call in what situation. Policemen are those who are called in case of crime and emergency medical technicians are those to be called when you have a health concern and you are wounded. But those who can fight all that and who need to be called in situations that consider your safety and health are firefighters.

Their job it is to help you get out of a life threatening situation, no matter if it has to do with fire, but it is almost always fire involved. Considering that they have to work in all kinds of situations and help people with a wide range of concerns and problem, firefighters need to be prepared to all of that. That is why a big number of tests and trainings must be done before one can call himself a firefighter and those are not easy.

In order to get the firefighter department, or the firehouse in your city, you can just call 9-1-1 and they will help you get the firefighters or whoever you need or call the number of the firehouse if you know it and contact the firefighters directly. However, the first option is better, because you might need help from more sources and not only firefighters and that way you won't need to call all of them separately. In both cases it is sure you will get the help you need and don't hesitate to call even if you are not endangered and you think someone else is, because it is better to get on a place where no help is needed then to not get on a place where help is needed.